rave (dorkorific) wrote,

IDEK what this journal is turning into but I am enjoying it

People often ask me, "Rave, you are a pretty weird and introverted person afflicted with a number of mental illnesses and a thousand feelings, and also your hair behaves however in the fuck it pleases without regard for your preferences. How, in the face of these disadvantages, do you muster so much swag?"*

The answer, as indicated by the previous entry, is of course "stuff." No, it isn't. It's attitude towards stuff. And I am going to lead you through a beginner's guide to that attitude, because I got a new camera and it's really exciting and I took pictures of ALL THE THINGS!!! So here it is. Rave's Guide To Disposing Of Your Disposable Income, Living Well, and Being Awesome, Episode 2: How to Own Stuff You Love And Love Stuff You Own.** YMMV (Your Materialism May Vary).

I like things.Collapse )

*nobody has ever actually asked me this? I figure it is only a matter of time though.

In conclusion,

This song is the only truth you need ever know and also contains Amy Sedaris. The end. FUCKINNNN DOLLYYYYYY.

WELL that was a fun way to spend the morning. Projects for the rest of today: catching up on ancient comments, reaching 1000 words on my second help_japan story, and at some point maybe doing my job. Maybe. Probably.
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