rave (dorkorific) wrote,

district cookies, mix tapes, and other appeasements

1. ugh, it's a good day. sittin on my front porch, drinkin a beer, creating elaborate art on my keratin outgrowths.

yeahhhhh peep that impasto, internet. MUST BE SUMMER

2. not unrelatedly, I made a summer mixtape. God, it's fuckin difficult to limit yourself to 25 songs, man! but I did it, because that was the arbitrary goal I set for myself. and what am i if not adherent to arbitrary goals.

mix + tracklist.Collapse )

3. I'm mid-one of those WILL ACCOMPLISH THINGS NOW writing sessions; you can tell by the insane extent to which i'm procrastinating. anyway it becomes increasingly clear that the next part of the District is not going in its orignally conceived direction. so now I have a couple pieces of extracurricular media stuff that I can't use. i'mma just post them for fun.

cris"s work inbox + some wonkette.Collapse )

ETA: skdfj AND i forgot that the original purpose of this post was to say two things, neither of which I ended up saying.


2. I got one of them tumblrs the youth of today are so into: sashayed.tumblr.com. Do you also have a tumblr? Of course you do. What is it? I NEVER WANT TO ACCOMPLISH ANYTHING EVER AGAIN
Tags: fic, football, i am writing okay no i'm not, swag, the district
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