rave (dorkorific) wrote,

god dammit, tumblr

Tumblr is actually the devil's platform. I'm all up in there all damn day long, looking for gifs of Michael Fassbender running a hand ~sensually through his hair (NO REASON, JUST LOOKING) and posting pictures of baby dingoes. I hate you, tumblr. I used to do work. (Hahahahahah just kidding, no I didn't.)

But seriously, it is one of the most insanely ADD-enabling innovations I've ever encountered. I'm never sure if, like -- I start to write things about my life, and then I'm like "that's boring, nobody cares on Tumblr, take it to LJ," and then I look at LJ and it's like "wait, I have to create my own content? Why would I do that ever." and then I just go back to my slack-jawed life of info consumption. RITING IZ HARD. especially because it's the off-season so I'm having this, uh, slight minor x-men situation? I may have mentioned.

I CAN'T HELP THAT THEY GIVE ME FEELINGS. I just want to write 4,000-word sex scenes where they make slow tender brain love by gazing at each other and then Erik makes Charles a bouquet of roses out of metal and then everybody cries. Is that so wrong.

ugh here's an example of what tumblr dun did to me: I started this entry and I'm already petering out. What in god's name was I ever intending to talk about? Was I really going to whine about how the internet gives me too many opportunities to fuck around? APPARENTLY YES I WAS. if you have a tumblr you should come hang out with me so i'll have even MORE ways to waste time. I'm @sashayed. Motto: There Will Be Kitten Gifs.

ps did you guys know that that christopher pine fellow is still

STUPID HOT. so I guess tumblr has its uses after all.
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