rave (dorkorific) wrote,

i've been hiding from LJ in shame because i still haven't finished my second fucking help_japan fic

DID YOU KNOW IT'S ALMOST A YEAR LATE? I did, because I think about it every god damned day. Anyway, I'm making a meme-y follow your bliss post -- of the sort that everyone is allowed to do around the new year, so whatever -- because fuck it, that's why. Get this crazy avoidance out of my system. See if it works.

I approach writing in this very millenial, soundtracky way, with a lot of visuals and montages and, you know, flashback jump cuts etc. Everything has a theme song. Would you like to know what the theme songs are for everything I wrote last year and some of the stuff I wrote before that and some of the stuff I'm writing now? And all my veeerrrryyyy deep thoughts about them? Too bad if you don't! I"m going to tell you anyway.Collapse )

How about y'all? Do you write to music? Is it tailored to the shit you're producing, or is it like "ALWAYS RANDY NEWMAN FOREVER" or whatever? Tell me about youuuuu.
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