rave (dorkorific) wrote,

1. terranova - never (ft. coco)
fly in, let me lick your skin
and carry you back, down one time, down two times
i'm never going back again

2. dexter - eu sou funçao
eis o doce veneno vivendo e vivão

3. clams casino - illest alive

4. nova schola gregoriana - gustate et vedete
gustate et videte quoniam suavis Dominus: Alleluia.
Beatus vir qui sperat in eo.

5. alias & ehren - cobblestone waltz

6. mv bill - só deus pode me julgar

7. tv on the radio - dlz
this is beginning to feel like it’s curling up slowly and finding a throat to choke.

8. florence + the machine - seven devils
holy water can’t help you now.
a thousand armies couldn’t keep me out.

9. bat for lashes - let’s get lost (ft. beck)
let me come closer, i’m not your shadow.
with our eyes shielded from the oncoming cars,
it’s not hard for us to say what we shouldn’t.
just for tonight, darling, let’s get lost.

10. björk - a new world
i’m softly walking on air.
halfway to heaven from here.
sunlight unfolds in my hair.
oh, i’m walking on air.

11. active child - you are all i see
all good things in time; i know we’ll be fine.
buried underneath
you are all i see.

12. justin vernon & aaron dessner - big red machine
is all i’ve learned to suffer?

13. racionais MCs - mente do vilão

14. massive attack - paradise circus (ft. hope sandoval)
love is like a sin, my love, to the ones who feel it the most.

15. peter gabriel - my body is a cage (arcade fire cover)
my body is a cage that keeps me from dancing with the one i love.
but my mind holds the key.

16. the tallis scholars - ave maria for double choir (tomás luis de victoria)

17. active child - johnny belinda
wish that i was strong enough
wish that i could give it all
wish that i could change enough to be yours.

18. bat for lashes - siren song
till the siren come calling, calling
it's driving me evil, evil
i was a heart breaker, i loved you the same way i do
but i've got so much wickedness and sin.

19. sigur rós - glósóli

20. coldplay - the escapist
and, in the end,
we lie awake and we dream of making our escape.

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