rave (dorkorific) wrote,

FIC: Set Me As A Seal Upon Your Heart

title: Set Me as a Seal Upon Your Heart
author: rave (dorkorific)
words: 31,197 (??) (?????!?!?!??)
pairing: Cristiano Ronaldo/Ricardo “Kakà” Leite (Football RPS)
rating: nc-17
summary: Cris is a half-demon; Ricky’s a new priest.
warnings: Everything involved in writing an RPF romance in which Kakà’s a priest -- appropriations of Catholic and other Christian symbolism, explicit sexual content, etc. Fuck or Die. Dubcon. Some violent imagery.

Writing-wise, I’m approaching a lot of religious/cultural milieux in this story as an outsider. I’m not Catholic; I don’t speak Spanish or Portuguese. While the premise of this story is, obviously, fucking insane, I did try to do my homework. However, I would a thousand times rather look ~SUPA SERIOUS~ than live in eternal blithe, offensive stupidity. So where I’ve made missteps, if you have the patience to let me knowI’ve fucked up, I hope you’ll do so.

(I recognize that the EXISTENCE of this fic could be termed offensive; all I can do on that topic is be sorry about my brain, and hope that if you find it so you stopped reading around the “summary” line. Also, to reiterate, CLEARLY INSANE.)

I don’t even know what to say about tyrannicides and yeats and their endless tolerance and smarts. Fuck you guys for being awesome. tyrannicides even let me hijack her demonverse and take it to, like, new heights of nutbars. IT'S A COMPANION PIECE!

This started as a Halloween fic. Then it turned into a Christmas fic and now it’s February, so. Since it is, essentially, an accidental big-bang, I also made myself a mix. No, I know. But that’s how things are around here right now. Obviously I think you should listen to it while you read, for an enhanced experience, but then I would think that.

Set Me As A Seal Upon Your Heart
one    //    two    //    three    //    four    //    five

on AO3.

Tags: fic, football, rps, what is happening
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