rave (dorkorific) wrote,

FIC: Set Me As A Seal Upon Your Heart

title: Set Me as a Seal Upon Your Heart
author: rave (dorkorific)
words: 31,197 (??) (?????!?!?!??)
pairing: Cristiano Ronaldo/Ricardo “Kakà” Leite (Football RPS)
rating: nc-17
summary: Cris is a half-demon; Ricky’s a new priest.
warnings: Everything involved in writing an RPF romance in which Kakà’s a priest -- appropriations of Catholic and other Christian symbolism, explicit sexual content, etc. Fuck or Die. Dubcon. Some violent imagery.
notes: under cut.Collapse )

Set Me As A Seal Upon Your Heart
one    //    two    //    three    //    four    //    five

on AO3.

Tags: fic, football, rps, what is happening
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