rave (dorkorific) wrote,

valentinesplay reveals are up! which means I can finally admit to you, confessional internet, that I wrote fic where Cesc Fabregas is a kitten and Iker Casillas finds him in a box. (IT'S MORE PLAUSIBLE THAN YOU THINK!) Everything I've written lately is the most embarrassing thing I've ever written. I honestly don't even give a fuck anymore.

Title: The Door, The Table, The Bed
Words: 5322
Rating: PG...13 maybe? For boners.
Pairing: Cesc Fabregas/Iker Casillas


the end.

Notes: This was a valentine for tyrannicides, who once of her own accord said the following sentence: “I'm not even into cats that way, I just want Cesc sleeping in a cardboard box.” On your own head be it, boo. U r my sunshine.

The Door, the Table, The Bed.
Tags: fic, football, rps
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