rave (dorkorific) wrote,

why isn't there a "hunger games" soccer AU

I mean, I know why there isn't: because RPF is creepy enough without sociopathically killing off your characters. I am not sure I could write any real people, even in fiction, even the ones I truly and deeply hate, getting their faces chewed off by mutant wolves.

but it would be so good, Iker would be the Katnissy volunteer who saves Unai's whiny ass, and Cris would be the beautiful flirty Career with a tragic soul and a heart of gold Finniiiiiiiiiick, and Cesc would be Rue leaping through the trees and Ricky would be the stouthearted bakery boy who survives via the power of Love. (the shipping would obviously be, uhhh, different.) Sergio is Gale. XABI IS CINNA! MOU IS PLUTARCH HEAVENSBEE!! I CAN'T STOP!!!! it could be the first games where nobody dies, because of ... reasons! Ugh, there is no way I can ever write this. goddammit. my psychotic reach exceeds my grasp.
Tags: i finished catching fire and now i have
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