rave (dorkorific) wrote,

1. Yo I put all the things on A03. Including stuff from like 2006, and also the insanely filthy RM locker-room orgy thing that was comm-locked and that I still kind of can't believe I wrote? THAT'S WHAT'S UP!

2. what a fucking week for my feels, bro.

Blah blah soccer! I am actually too emotionally exhausted to even talk about it, though tumblr remains a horrible record of what a fucking mess I was. All I have for you rn is that this dude

is the prince of my heart*, the step in my groove, my rain in the desert, etc. One day I'm gonna do a huge terrifying post about it.

It's in google docs so you know that's real talk.

*all of real madrid is also the prince. ALL OF THEM.

2a. Speaking of which, this is a thing that tyrannicides and I are writing now, apparently. It's 25,670 words so far and I made graphics for it.

Cool. Great. Normal late-twenties-year-old stuff.
Tags: football
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