honey i'm a roller

actually i like to think of myself as "jolie-laide"

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"badly" is an adverb, bartlet for president, being a hermit, bewildering sex, big fucking hands, bloated award shows, can't! stop! talking!, caring about stuff, christian bale's every thought, consumptive heroes, corsets, edwardian fashion, embarrassing baby pictures, emotional retardation, fitzwilliam darcy, flirtatious banter, fuck me johnny depp, gay perry, gideon defoe, giggly sex, giving a crap, good sex, hopeless byronicism, illegally downloading music, improv haiku, inappropriate yelling, jon stewart, jonathan strange, lit snobs, love-hate relationships, married to the sea, men at arms--the musical!, molly grue, mrs. ari, my retarded pets, narcissists, pinstripes, plagiarism, raging murderous jealousy, ramses emerson, sarah vowell, self-hating hipsters, simon prebble, snobbery, so-so sex, suspenders, t. h. white, the dom, the pirates!, the word "cunt", things i can't afford, tim canterbury, torturing jaida, wah-wah pedals, whimsical shoes
--Hey, if you could move anywhere...if you were moving out of here, just anywhere in the country, or anywhere, I guess, where would you move?
--I dunno. I guess a better question is: if you were thirteen feet tall, would you rather be that, or have eyes on the stalks on top of your head?

friends-only, for the most part, but i'm not picky. though i am incredibly slow. you're not missing anything, it's mostly about shoes. and stapling.

writing is over at sashayed.
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